In addition to the high quality consulting services that we provide, we also provide pre-built software and website packages. Our products are development and maintained with the same high level of service and quality that you've come to expect from our consulting services. We can also offer custom development solutions around these products depending on the amount of customization required, so if you find that one of our pre-built software products offer most of what your business needs, but there is a few things missing that would make it perfect for you, contact us today about possibly customizing the software for you!

Our current (and coming soon) pre-built software includes:

Acqurite - An easy to use home checkbook register. Currently in development, Accurite is being designed and built from the ground up for people who simply want to keep track of their checkbook register electronically, be able to categorize their spending, and to be able to view and print easy to understand charts and graphs to show where their money goes. When the other products out there are too complex and confusing, Accurite is a great alternative!

Acqufund - A complete solution for Financial Management software for schools following GAAP Fund Accounting principles. Currently in development, this software will first be focusing on Illinois.

Acqupay - Currently in development, it is an easy to use Human Resources and basic Payroll tracking system for home and small businesses who need to be able to keep track of their employee's information as well as being able to print and store tax and deduction information for paychecks.