When having custom solutions done with us, we are able to offer a wide range of experience and skillsets to ensure that your custom business needs can be fufilled within the technical arena. Further, unlike other consultant firms, we take pride in what we produce, and you can expect the best level of quality and maintainability of all of the deliverables for your project. We strive to ensure that you are happy with your deliverables, and that the level of quality and expertise that you recieve from us will bring you to the point that you will not even want to consider using anyone else for future needs that you may have.

Service Categories

Below are the categories that we focus on, scroll down to find out more information about the expertise that we can offer in each of these categories.

Custom Software

Custom software sounds like a desktop program, but in today's world it is a whole lot more. It could be your companies website, it could be a web application. It could even be an idea for a mobile game or application that you want to sell in the app stores. And, it could even be a multi-user desktop system or application.

The Acqusys Difference

There are other consulting firms, some may just focus on websites, some might provide everything we provide, but there is a key difference between us and them. We care about what we put our name on, we care about how maintainable it is, and how happy you are with what is delivered to you. We could go into a bunch of technical details, about how not only do we follow best practices and patterns and solid architectures, we are actually innovating and building systems that provide that next generation of computing ability. There may be other consulting firms that are trying to mimic what we do everyday, but where we are different is in our pride of what we hand over. That when you call us to add new features or make changes, well with that other firm they wrote it in what we would call a "code and burn" mentality, especially if it was a fixed-bid contract. What "code and burn" means is just deliver enough to meet the contract and walk away, no matter how sloppy, how buggy, how much of a pain it would be to make changes and add new things into it. This is where we shine, because we only deliver what we'd want to keep for ourselves. That means when you ask for us to add new features or make changes, the cost savings would be noticeable. Instead of 700 manhours of time, it might only take us 250 manhours, and there will be less issues and bugs with our end result because of it as well. Like a careful craftsmen, we take care in our craft and it shows.


We and design and develop for a wide variety of devices and platforms. Whether it is a computer with Windows, a Mac with MacOS, a phone or tablet running Android, Windows Mobile, or iOS, Linux or BSD, or even custom hardware, we can work with it to help make it do exactly what you want it to do. Our primary platform for development is the Microsoft.NET Framework, however we support a variety of other languages and platforms as well.

Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is to take data that you may already be collecting, and providing ways to be able to extract and view that data in ways that wasn't a part of the original design of the system.

New Systems

When we build new custom system development, we use an architecture and design that eliminates the need for specific business intelligence solutions. Our architecture records the intent of the user instead of just the data the user wanted the system to have. However, when you already have a legacy style system in place, well you still need the ability to view your data in new ways to support your ever-changing business needs. In that case, we can help with Business Intelligence Solutions!

Business Intelligence Solutions

Our solutions including pulling analytical and historical data, as well as pulling data from multiple systems into a composite data store, and generating and building reports to report of the new ways to view your data.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

We know your business is your business, and you know your business really well. When it comes down to it, you don't want to worry about having to know about the IT business as well, although you do need to make those intelligent decisions to ensure that technology will play a valuable role in helping your business reach it's full potential. We can help you make those decisions, whether it is what computer hardware to buy, what software will be the best fit and best recommended solution, what kind of network equipment do you need, etc...

Although our primary focus is software, both custom and pre-packaged software, we also have a high level of experience in hardware and networking. If you purchase equipment through us we may even be able to get you a discount versus if you were to buy it yourself.